Filtered Light Effects

When I was a child, my mother must have rolled down the shades in my bedroom at nap time. There has always been a certain kind of light that, when I walk into a room and recognize it, I instantly want to lie down and sleep. In California I decorated my bedroom to create this kind of diffused lighting with old-fashioned shades rolled down only halfway behind ecru lace curtains...

Yesterday, when I put our bedroom through a major Spring Cleaning, I took the tie-back sheers down and laundered them. When I put them back up, I decided not to tie them because the room had taken on just the quality I'm so poorly describing. True, we have those new/old wide Venetian window blinds (not mini blinds, more like shutters) and I wish they were roll shades, but the effect is still there. (This picture does a very bad job of illustrating what I mean because, 1) my camera doesn't make the best use of available light, 2) it's morning and the light I'm talking about is in the afternoon and, 3) I have a hard time posting an entry without a picture of some kind. When the time comes that we leave this house for another, I'll never have blinds ever again.

The only real "girly" thing about me is my love of lace curtains and cottage rooms à la Laura Ashley. Well, and the fact that I'd make an entry like this one at all.