Black and White Visions

Bob Dylan, Paris 1966 by Claude Azoulay
When it comes to portraiture, I'm a sucker for black and white photography. There's just something about it that makes me zero in on the subject's mood. With color portraits I see the background, the fabrics, the skin tone, etc. Here are some great portraits...

John and Yoko, Cannes 1971 by Claude Azoulay
Ray Charles, Paris 1961 by Claude Azoulay
David Bowie, New York City 1996 by Albert Watson
Keith Richards, New York City 1998 by Albert Watson
Naomi Campbell, Palm Springs 1989 by Albert Watson
Bobby Kennedy by Lawrence Schiller
John Lee Hooker by Mark Seliger
Tom Waits by Mark Seliger
Cuba Gooding, Jr. by Michael Tighe
Elizabeth Taylor, L.A. 1989 by Michael Tighe
Ru Paul and Dr. Ruth, New York City 1998 by Roxanne Lowitt

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