It's the Small Things

It's funny the things we overlook. When we moved into this cottage last August we were aware of the little wall furnace in the master bath, but we didn't give it any real thought. Thinking, I guess, that it was just an old feature in an old house, we considered it a kind of eyesore—we didn't even check to see if it worked—and wished we could remove it. Instead, we put a pretty metal folding table in front of it to disguise it a little and to also hold our spa and bath products. My other thought was safety. It's a gas furnace after all that was intended to function via open flames. Like I said, it's an old house, wood frame no less...

Well, yesterday I decided to see if it worked. It's been bitter cold and getting out of the shower is actually painful! I moved the table aside, uttered a prayer that the house wouldn't blow up, struck a match and turned on the gas. It lit up gently and the flames rose, heating the ceramic elements and filling the cold room with blessed heat. Getting out of the shower was actually pleasant and I began to look for another place to put the table. Unfortunately, there's no place to it, so we'll just have to move it when we want to use the furnace.

Nettl used it this morning and liked it so much she wrote about it on Facebook. Now I can't wait to take one of my hot, lingering, candlelight baths; the little furnace will be like having a fireplace next to the tub!