2009's Personal Best & Worst

Best Party: Tiki Bar New Year's Eve party
Worst Party: As usual, the one that never happened.

Best Casual Get-Together: Summer on the porch with Ville
Worst Casual Get-Together: No get-together is bad!...

Best Dinner: Viennese with Dr. Kielbasa.
Worst Dinner: The many we didn't have for lack of anything to cook.

Best News: Salzburg is interested in my Mozartiana
Worst News: Haven't heard from Salzburg since July.

Best Reaction: Nettl and I have reacted to our adverse setbacks with courage and cheerfulness
Worst Reaction: I don't think that I've reacted uncommonly bad to anything, really.

Best Creative Endeavor: Helping Nettl with her book
Worst Creative Endeavor: The end of the year was full of creativity, so there's nothing to tag as the "worst".

Best Physical Feat: Moving a 3000sf household into an 1100sf cottage
Worst Physical Feat: Moving a 3000sf household into an 1100sf cottage

Best Neighbors: Matt (when his wife is around).
Worst Neighbors: The noisy college kids down the street.

Best Web Feat: Revamping the OSU Music Department's website.
Worst Web Feat: Downloading games that crashed my laptop.

Best Laugh: Stevie Riks
Worst Cry: When Live365 took our last 4o bucks.

Best Blog Entry: Fun With Steph & Nettl.
Worst Blog Entry: No Entry Tonight.