Go, Stay, Stay, Go

You know those stories about people who fake their deaths, people like Elvis, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, and, now, Michael Jackson? I have my own ideas about some of these figures and I believe that at least two of them are still alive somewhere...

I've often toyed with the idea of faking my own death. No, not my actual death, my internet death. I sometimes think I'd just like to disappear. Take down all of my sites and anything that I can that has to do with SK Waller and disappear. This is one of those times. People are cruel and thoughtless, and they're awfully quick to prejudge me, my marriage, my spiritual beliefs, and my moral character. In fact, they assume that because I don't hold the same beliefs that they do, I'm mentally ill and have no moral character.

I think that if I did orchestrate my own internet death, I'd reappear in disguise, create an all new identity like in the Witness Protection Program. It would be nearly impossible to pull this off though, because people still would slam me, I just wouldn't have a voice. And that would be worse than sticking around.