I Need a Weekend

This weekend was one of continual work on Nettl's book, which we hope to release within a couple of weeks. It's crunch time and I'm beat!

We relaxed a lot at Ville's annual Halloween party on Saturday night. We all needed a good party, so we got silly and childish, playing a game we called, "Ceiling Fan Ring Toss". It consisted of one spinning ceiling fan and a bunch of those glow-stick necklaces. You figure out the rest. Joel got the night's best "ringer" as the rest of us tried to top him. As I said, we all really needed to get stupid, and we did not disappoint...

Sunday was spent napping and eating, with some work on the book on Nettl's part. I played Sudoku. During the evening we played no less than five games of Scrabble, then she went to bed and I worked on some last-minute edits and posted another chapter of Night Music. Tonight at 8:30 I leave for OKC to pick up Micah at the airport. I can't believe it has been two weeks already!

I've been told that I should be getting my laptop back tomorrow, or Tuesday at the latest, which means that I'll spend one of those days reloading all of my data files and setting it up again. Despite that, It'll be nice to have it back. I miss it.

Next Saturday is Halloween, isn't it? That means that I'll be carving our pumpkin, sweeping the leaves off of the porch, and throwing a bug bomb under the house. Sounds like fun.