Homecoming Weekend

The Homecoming weekend wasn't as noisy as I'd anticipated. It was actually a lot of fun and, outside of a small group of students staggering home on Friday night, there were no incidents in our neighborhood. Things kicked off on Friday evening with the Fraternity and Sorority Walk-Around on University Avenue...

As I said in an earlier post, we didn't go to that, but we couldn't help but hear the Garth Brooks concert in the new stadium. Garth graduated from OSU in 1984 and the little Victorian house he lived in still has painted upon its eave, "Garth Brooks & Sandi Live Here". While he lived here, Garth started his performing career by playing in bands in the student taverns on the Strip.

The Homecoming parade was held on Saturday afternoon and Nettl, Joel and I walked the two blocks to Main Street to watch. Here are some pictures (will embigiate when clicked):

Just to prove we were there.
Grand Marshall Garth Brooks.
Pistol Pete brands the University of Missouri tiger.
The slogan this year was, "Branded For Life".
Cooper's Bicycle Shop's entrty.
An OSU Orange horse...
...and the Horse Shit Brigade.
The International Students Association got a big ovation from the crowd.
We have a large international population here, which makes Stillwater
one of the most progressive-thinking cities in the state.
Everyone always enjoys the Kappa Sigma Lawnmower Drill,
which is led by a guy who carriers a weed-whacker.
A tiny 4-Wheel Drive.
The OSU Marching Band.
Pistol Pete.
My favorites: the Shriners in their clown cars.
Snoopy tops the entry for the OSU Flight Training School.
A beautiful stage coach led by six Clydesdales.
Looked to me like they were giving Missouri the finger.
We got home in mere minutes on foot, but
our corner was gridlocked for over half an hour.
Walk next time, suckers!
I just have two questions: where was the mayor and where was the Stillwater High School Marching Band?

I forgot to say that last night our neighbor, Matt, who is a theater professor, came over and invited us to his house for dinner. He'd been expecting friends, but they begged off at the last minute. We enjoyed a lovely salmon with comfit and a bottle of chardonay over some great conversation.

Today, we've been as lazy as can be imagined. In all, it has been a perfect weekend.