Halloween in a Bible Banging Town

As if the powers that be couldn't get any more idiotic, the people who run the City of Stillwater have decided that trick-or-treating will be held tomorrow, rather than on Halloween. And why? Football. That's right, there is a game on Saturday night and our City Council doesn't feel that Stillwater parents can sufficiently handle their own children to ensure their safety where traffic is concerned.

Wait. What?...

This means, of course, that people will get trick-or-treaters on both Thursday and Saturday, because 1) not everyone will receive the news in time, and 2) some people will just flat out rebel. And, of course, this means that Walmart will make a killing selling more Halloween candy than usual.

Come on, Stillwater. This is a nationally observed holiday. Do you think other, larger cities do this whenever a home game coincides with Halloween? And I'll bet you wouldn't pull this if a game coincided with Christmas or Easter, because that would be messing with Jay-sus.

UPDATE Thursday the 29th:
According to a comment that Nettl left earlier today, the real reason is because OSU is playing Texas on Saturday (their biggest rivals) and the game is going to be televised. Whatdaya bet they're moving this nation-wide, ages-old tradition so that parents don't have to either take their kids out, or answer the door to dole out candy? Of course, they didn't move it to Friday night because there's a high school football game that night... It's pouring rain today. I'm betting that most parents will ignore the change and adhere to Saturday night. We'll see. All the same, I still have to carve our pumpkin today, when I wanted to do it with Nettl on Saturday afternoon. Humph!  This has really put a damper on something that's supposed to fun, and I'm just no longer in the mood. I wouldn't be so upset if we hadn't just had an entire weekend given over to Homecoming.