The E For Excellence Award

Okay, so I'm rested up enough to carry my weight with this memey award, which was created by Shannymar at Project Mommy. Her rules are simple: post the award, then give it out to 10 more bloggers...

New Recipients:
1. Byzantium's Shores
I learn so much at Kelly's blog. His posts are always interesting and he is a dedicated blogger.

2. Violins & Starships
Lynn's blog is full of great links. I can't tell you how many wonderful sites and blogs I've found through her blog. She also has The World's Greatest Links Page.

3. Life in Shades of F-Major
Nettl's blog is almost entirely about music, until politics and family take precedence in her life. Great YouTube videos for the musical connoisseur.

4. Mewsings
Karma's blog reads like a private diary and because she's an accomplished singer and actor that makes for good reading. She's candid and one gets a feeling that one is actually reading a private journal.

5. Hairshirt
I really don't know why Joe isn't 1) running for president or 2) on stage at the Improv.

6. Neither Clever Nor Witty
That's what he says. Bob writes about his life as an at-home dad, seeker and philosopher. No frills, no excuses. Personal blogging at its best.

The following is a list of people that I would award except for the fact that they've already been. Pay them a visit and see why they've received numerous Excellence Awards:
7. Miss Meliss - Escribition
8. 1 Step Beyond
9. Bug-Eyed Blog
10. Miss Britt

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