Austen Revisited

There's a bike trail that follows a creek behind the office. I found it by accident last Tuesday when I went exploring during my lunch hour. When I discovered it, it was like I got sucked into a Jane Austen novel or something, because I was listening to my MP3 player and "My Father's Favorite" from Sense & Sensibility (composed by Patrick Doyle) came on. It's a beautiful piece of music and it magically transported me to the English countryside. As I walked along the path, I heard songbirds, I stopped to watch the creek and I looked up at the canopy of trees against the gray, misty sky. There is a little park bench that I sat on for a while, enjoying just being there.

Here is the music that brought a little magic into an otherwise normal working day. Please do not watch the video! It's so cheesy that I shrunk it down to an almost unviewable size. Just listen to the music (unfortunately, this clown also added voices, but you can still hear that it's a beautiful piece).