Brain Dead Tetris Head

My brain doesn't do this in the morning. The pieces just don't fall into place. Even writing this takes monumental effort on my part. It's not that I mind working, or being gone all day, or any of that. I don't even mind being awake, it's just that rude, intrusive waking up that I hate.

Nettl understands all this about me (she's one of those annoying people who actually wakes up with a smile on a face that's never been crumpled up with the morning scowl that mine wears every day at 6:15 am). She wakes up looking as fresh as the proverbial daisy. She wakes me with kisses and soft fingers in my hair, sometimes a back scratch, then goes downstairs and makes my coffee.

"Okay Brat, the bathroom's yours."

Okay, that kind of messes me up.