Clocking In

I swore I'd never again put myself in the ant farm, but there I sat. After a 25-year run in high corp, not-so-high corp and every corp in between, evolving from stock room grunt to junior accountant, I'm back, and in a new department. No more GL, no more Sales Journal and no more double tapes—I'm in the fun department now! I'm now Web Analyst/Web Project Coordinator at Creative...

It's quiet in the Fun Department. The phones seldom ring, voices are soft, and the people are, well, creative. The workspaces are personalized and every day is Casual Day. There is no mindless muzak or generic pop music. MP3 players are encouraged. Be who you are. Either this company is really progressive, or things have certainly changed since the 1990s.

This job is going to be like a vacation compared to what I got used to in southern California and Denver. First, I like the people and they seem to like me. Second, the work is going to be interesting, but not overwhelming or grueling, and I'll learn a lot about product-oriented websites. The IT department is currently building my computer for me, which I'll get on Monday (hopefully).

I haven't worked the old 8-5 in about five years, though, so this evening I came home tired, but excited about returning in the morning. And going to bed at a decent hour tonight will feel very, very good.

I promise this blog won't turn into a "job journal".

Big-huge grats to Ville for getting me this job!