Sleeping Bloggers

It has come to my attention that some of my favorite bloggers have fallen asleep at the keys. Yeah, I'm talking about YOU. What's wrong with you guys? Don't you know that you're supposed to inspire and stimulate me? Don't you know that your prime function on the web is to entertain me?

Every morning I check your blog, and there sits the post you made weeks, sometimes months ago. No more of this, I say! Get to it! As a means of humiliation, I'm taking names...

To be fair, I really shouldn't have added people who have updated since the first of December, but then I wouldn't have much of an entry myself, would I?


  1. well, see, there you have it. I was under the impression that you all were supposed to be entertaining me! LOL

    I haven't had anything interesting to blog about lately, aside from more high hopes and "coming soon"s. and if one thing has become painfully clear, it's that those things always fizzle if I mention them.

    WV: jiiff
    would you like your blog chunky or creamy?

  2. I'm sorry! I'm doing one soon, I promise! :D

  3. Whew! I didn't make the list.
    :- )


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