2007 Draws to a Close

Did I make New Year's resolutions last year? I'm sure I did, but somehow, in the move from Wordpress to Blogger, I lost all of the posts I wrote between December 30 and May 5 of 2006.

I know that I've met and accomplished most of them (the easy ones like drinking more water and less wine), but some I passed over and find them still staring me in the face. Walking more, reading more, less TV... those things...

I'm pleased with myself and the changes I made over the year for the most part, but there's always room for improvement, isn't there? Firstly, I really (read r-e-a-l-l-y) want to get this Hashimoto's crap under control and stop feeling 30 years older than I actually am. I have no idea how I can do this, but I can try more exercise and better diet for a start. Secondly, I want to really buckle down and become fluent in German, at least fluent enough to carry off my online historical portrayal with more confidence. Lastly, I want to invest and be more financially solvent than I am right now. This crap has got to end NOW. As for my creative life, I have only three resolutions:

  1. Finish my screenplay
  2. Get something published
  3. Compose something for the Stillwater Chamber Singers

Do you make resolutions? And if you do, do you try to realize them? If you don't, why not?


  1. Nah, no resolutions. I make forecasts on what will happen to me. No guilt that way!
    I'll probably post it Friday.

  2. PS: I'm still waiting on Netflix for "Mozartballs."


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