Ice Storm 2007

Half-a-million people in Oklahoma are without lights and heat. Our wiring is all underground, so we're fine (plus, we're not customers of OG & E), but Lynette's parents, in Tulsa, were hit, as well as friends in the Oklahoma City area. Authorities say it could take a week or more to get things back to normal. Mostly, I worry about the elderly and the people who have no place to call home.

Fortunately, the storms have passed and the ice has melted. Last night at around 2:00, a large sheet of ice slid down our roof and onto the lawn, making such a noise that I at first thought it was a jet passing overhead. Patches of ice still lie on the ground, but the streets are dry and the rooves, trees and lawns no longer look like a day-old glazed donut.

Hm. Donuts...