Sieben Sachen (Seven Things)

Kelly, at Byzantium's Shores, tagged me for a meme in which I am to tell you seven things about myself. When one has kept a blog for five years, it's hard to reveal anything about oneself that hasn't come through somewhere else along the line, so if I tell you something you already know, sorry. Please note too that I'm supposed to tag seven of you to make your own lists. I apologize for that as well...

1. I would be perfectly happy if all of the telephones in the world fell off the face of the earth. I detest a ringing phone and outside of a very select few of my very closest friends, I hate talking with anyone on the phone. I'd rather we all just email or IM each other, okay?

2. I'm really anal about the toilet seat and lid being left open and about TP that's put on the spool the wrong way. Towels not hung up neatly bug me as well.

3. I like to think that, personality-wise, I am a cross between John Lennon, Mozart, and Ellen Degeneres. I'm not sure if my friends will agree with that or not.

4. I prefer winter and would be content if it snowed year-round.

5. I will never stop mourning the death of my mentor, Maestro Frank Salazar. It has been six years and I miss him more than my own mother and father.

6. I got my hair cut last weekend. It looks like this (not intentional!), but about an inch shorter in the back.

7. I hate politics, but sometimes things piss me off and I have to say something. Right now, there are too many things going on that could keep me spouting for ages. Instead, I say nothing.