Mosquito Blogging

Sitting on the lanai at 2:45 in the morning, a glass of pinot grigio on the table beside me, the fountain bubbling, crickets chirping, the turbine for the neighborhood's AC units running... Well, it can't all be perfect, I guess, but since I got a laptop on Saturday morning, I've been in blog heaven. It was so nice not aimlessly channel surfing the weekend away. I could get online any time I wanted to. In fact, the telly was off nearly all weekend.

Lauren got a new laptop for her year of studies in France (she leaves in 2 weeks) because this one (a Dell) is having problems with the AC power port. Piffle. We can get that fixed. Until then, a little duct tape never killed anyone. Okay. A lot of duct tape. But sitting out here, I'm not complaining.