Isn't Good Sleep Wonderful?

It was between 1990 and 1992. I was living in Camarillo and working with the symphony. The house was only a corner lot California tract house, one of those that was built in the early 1960s, with the red block wall around the back yard. I had transformed the yard into a secret garden, complete with winding footpaths that were lined with large stones my friends and I had harvested from the beach a short eight miles away, a tropical garden with a waterfall and pond, and a protected beer garden with an uneven used brick floor and an old avocado tree as its roof...

My days were about the simplist they'd ever been: coffee on the covered patio, work in the garden, write letters, dinner with Joel in the dining room, work on music, enjoy a glass of wine under the moonlight, then to bed with a cup up tea and a good book. I was pretty damned content. That was the last time I got any consistently good sleep. Until this weekend. I'm suddenly falling asleep easily, and not waking up every 15 minutes. And I'm waking up refreshed and ready to meet the day. It has been two freakin' decades. I'm attributing it to my newly revived creativity. I got my mojo back!

Yesterday morning, as I sat writing a scene in my trilogy, I came to a place where a song lyric would be nice (because this is a story about musicians and songwriters, I'm supplying song lyrics in strategic places, each in the style of whatever character is in question). I was surprised at how quickly it came out; probably five minutes. This is the old me! I used to write music in the time it took to, well, write it, and now that has returned. I'm considering (just for my own amusement) setting all of these lyrics to music, also in the style of each character. This is the lyric that came yesterday:

Darkness clearing, calming sea,
With this love you bring to me;
I open up and I can sing,
Your love changes everything.

Glowing sun and trembling moon,
Morning floats into afternoon;
I marvel at the joy you bring,
Your love changes everything.

No one to save, no one to fix,
No need to watch out for the tricks;
No punishing games or words that sting,
No need to blame, no tangled strings.

Life abounds with promises kept,
No tears are left that need be wept;
I fly above on mended wings,
Your love changes everything.

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