I Was Shanghaied!

No, I didn't leave the internet, but I don't think I've ever not posted in five days. I didn't like it, but I had no choice. I was busy meeting a deadline for a client whose business is centered from both Ojai, California (in Ventura County) and Shanghai, China. In fact, it was really two sites, one in English and one in Chinese. Talk about brain pretzels! But the deadline was met and everyone's happy...

And I have nothing I have to do today, except whatever I want to do, which is squat-doodle. Lucky you. Because I'm too tired to write a coherent, intelligent post, you get a list of really cool links. Really. Visit them. I sat up late last night harvesting them for your clicking pleasure.
Happy Saturday!


  1. Was it you who posted on hedge mazes, Steph? I watched Orlando last night and thought of you.

  2. Yes, that was me. My main character, Gordon, has an old-fashioned Victorian hedge maze on his estate.

  3. I love "Orlando" by the way.

  4. Staples! Who'd have thunk? ;-)
    Gives a slow day at the office a whole new height.

  5. I wonder who had to clean them up and put them back into the boxes. Probably a secretary who makes half of what the guy who made the thing makes. :^)


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