Anti-Funk Geminis

Sometimes, it's the unexpected that saves us from ourselves.

All day long, all I wanted to do was write, but this morning there were emails from clients demanding immediate attention. I took care of them and decided to write in the afternoon instead. Then V called and, although I really wanted to write, she had me laughing until I didn't want to hang up. I finally had to, unfortunately, and I was all the happier for the gigglefest. Then, this evening, the dishes washed and the kitchen cleaned, I sat down once again. Immediately, J walked in the back door.

I'm no dummy. I know a cosmic lesson when I see one (well, eventually), so I invited her in for wine and conversation, and the three of us (J, Nettl, and I) sat in the living room talking, eating snacks, and drinking wine over many laughs. After she left, I realized that writing wasn't what I needed today, it was the ministrations of friends. And both of these beautiful Gemini women gave me material for my book, which I needed so badly.

I will never cease to be awed by how Life knows exactly what I need, when I need it. So, thank you, you beautiful Geminis, for giving a fellow air sign the best of what friendship truly is.


  1. Glad your "funk" has been cured by the laughter of good friends. :) That's always the best cure.

    *And thanks for removing that widget. It really hung your page up.

  2. It;s good to have Gemini friends. I guess. Those of us who are half Libra and half Scorpio though... we're kinda spooky.

  3. Oh yeah, we bad. LOL
    Geminis: double your pleasure, double your fun.
    Glad to have made yer day a bit brighter Berg. I was chessing ear to ear myself after we got off the phone.
    :-D!! Thanks for not revealing why I called.


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