I'm having a hard time tonight knowing where to take my story. There are a number of frustrating issues with my new book, you see, not the least of which is the fact that this was something I wrote way back when. I mean wa-a-ay back. The only good thing about it was the characters, so I've resurrected them. The story had potential, but it needed a lot of surgery. I'm working all that out as well, and I'm liking the results. The story hasn't changed all that much, but it has matured; I've added some twists that I wasn't able to invent when I was younger. I think it's going to be good...

Actually, I know where I'm taking the story, but tonight I'm stumped with how to get from point A to point C, because I haven't completely worked out point B. I shut down Word and played a game or two of Sudoku, then I looked over at the bookcase and saw that RW Spryszak's book, Snow In Capricorn, is neatly tucked between Mary Shelley and Dylan Thomas. I realized that I must get firm with myself. Plus, Lynette's book is out, and here I sit playing Sudoku. It's not that I'm competitive, I just vaguely mind when someone completes something and I haven't.

Another problem is that I don't have the original manuscript; I'm reinventing it as I go. Actually, that's probably a good thing because I won't be tempted to take the lazy way out and use something I'll regret later. And there's so much of crap in the original.

Yet another thing is the damned spellchecker. It's a very good tool, but do I really need to have it on while I'm writing? Doesn't my constant stopping to correct something kind of break the creative flow? I think it might, so I've turned it off until I'm finished writing for the night. Then I'll turn it back on and make my corrections. We'll see if that helps, anyway.

Now I must stop blogging so that I can get back to work. I refuse to think of blogging as one of my ways to avoid writing, however...