Addios Firefox!

After three months of constant Firefox 3.5.5 issues, I've said good-bye. Sad, too, because I was a die hard fan for so long.

Tonight, as I was doing some stuff online, all of the page graphics and images just disappeared. Kaput! No matter what I tried, nothing brought the pages back around to looking right. I went over to Internet Explorer, but IE8 doesn't show videos. They say it's an issue. Duh! Finally, I downloaded Chrome, but the jury is still out on whether I'll keep it or not, or if my Vista can even handle it.

Now, Blogger has this new image uploader that doesn't align the text  around an image correctly. If I backspace to get rid of the extra line, it deletes the image. To make it work, I have to go in and play with the code, and that's a pain.

I'll say one thing for Chrome: it's fast!


  1. Like you I have ditched Fire Fox too.

    Nothing worse than composing a post and then having it "poof" into the ethers, never to be seen again.

    I wonder if Netscape is still around and if it's any better than the IE and FF crashes?

    I'll be interested to hear what you think about Chrome.

  2. It must be a bad combo of Vista and FF. I've never had any trouble at all with FF and XP.

  3. Deni, I have Firefox and XP on my computer and I'm constantly having issues. Yesterday it just crashed right in the middle of my posting something on Facebook and no matter what I tried, I couldn't get it back. I finally had to shut down and reboot the computer to get the bugs worked out. It's a pain in the @$$!

  4. The new Blogger uploader is fine enough for resizing and aligning photos and placing them exactly where you want them. I'll use it for that, then I'll go back into my settings and click on the old uploader so that I can make it work with text. It has MANY bugs to work out. And it doesn't allow for videos yet. I'm not crazy about it.

    I know a lot of people who are having problems with Firefox lately. It's too bad because at one time it seemed almost flawless.

  5. As usual, someone decided to fix what wasn't broken.

  6. Oh, and so far I'm really digging Chrome. It takes some getting used to, and I don't know what pitfalls are waiting down the line, but it's super-fast and super-smooth.

    The problem for me now is that as a web designer, most of my clients use FF, and I can't check my work in it anymore. Hopefully, someone will come along and tell me what I need to do to get it working again. It was working fine last night--in fact, it hadn't crashed in weeks--then kablooy! No images, no graphics, just text. Have no idea what caused it, unless there was an auto-update that I wasn't aware of.

  7. It must be a bad combo of Vista and FF. I've never had any trouble at all with FF and XP.


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