Happy Birthday Spotlight: My Son, Micah

I thought that for Micah's birthday today, I'd share with you some things that people have said about him. Micah is a brilliant, innovative musician, composer, producer, artist, craftsman -- need I go on? Let's make it simple. He's a true Renaissance Man in every sense of the word. Genius is a word that I don't use much because it's as overused as the standing ovation (also something I don't do unless I really feel the performer deserves it. Nowadays, everyone gets a standing ovation, rendering the gesture meaningless. But I'm rambling...). Micah is a genius, and I'd say that even if he wasn't my son. He masters everything that he sets himself to and he's a deeply spiritual man, fun-loving with a playfully self-deprecating sense of humor. But this is what I say. Here's what other people say...

"I've always loved listening to Micah's compositions because they're always so musically interesting. He has lots of content and his soloing is never overkill. He shows a lot of room for growth and potential and has direction in his approach." George Lynch (Dokken/Lynch Mob)

"I have been a fan of Micah's for some time now. Temple [Temple of Unmanifest Dreams, his CD] just sweeps you away to somewhere else. Most of what you're hearing is a guitar, too! I am in awe of Micah's musical genius on this CD. Having heard some demos of what is to come, I can say keep your eye on this guy. If anyone today is breaking new ground in guitar music it is Micah!" Marauder

His Bio:
Micah Atwell mixes nostalgic, brooding, ambient soundscapes with edgy, organic rock influence to define a new dimension of electronic guitar. His unique blend of emotive minimalist complexity is constantly making new impressions with listeners from all backgrounds and preferences.

Raised between bustling southern California and rural, spacious Kansas, Micah developed a dichotomous affinity for time and rhythm. At age 16, he began teaching himself guitar and spent his formative years writing blues-based hard rock instrumentals. Over time, he shifted his evolving sound and style towards the more experimental electronic and ambient genres. This has allowed him to tap into a much greater list of influences, technical experience, and creative freedom.

Micah produced and self-released his 2008 debut album, Temple of Unmanifest Dreams, an emotionally charged and meditative ambient/electronic guitar odyssey geared for audiences of such popular radio programs as the nationally syndicated Hearts of Space and similar regional broadcasts. This haunting, meditative compilation is an astounding testament to what a guitar can convey, and it continues to receive sweeping reviews at every turn.

He also has a growing interest in the production music industry and Internet music collaborations. Micah has scored music for video and animation and is active with artists in the US and UK, co-writing and co-producing some very eclectic compositions.

Micah Atwell has received numerous positive critiques from legendary guitarist George Lynch and in 2008 secured a Top 40 ranking in the industry-sponsored international Guitar Idol competition.

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Happy birthday, Micah. I love you and am very proud of you!