Song of the Excommunicant

When Jesus sat at the supper table
to serve them bread and wine,
He said, “Among you is the one
who will betray me tonight.”
The disciples didn’t point at each other,
daring to judge or try,
they just looked within themselves asking,
“Master, is it I?
Master, is it I who would run from you
just to save my life?
Master is it I who would thrice deny you,
or sell you for the highest price?”...

So when you're gathered all together,
to devour Him in your feast,
remember where you’ve put your faith:
that he came to save the least.
When you stoop to judge your neighbors,
because they don’t comply,
Stop and look within yourself and ask,
“Master, is it I?
Master is it I who will run from you,
From love, from faith, from light?
Master, is it I who will create pain,
Ignorance and blight?
Master, is it I who have shamed your name,
the grace sent from above?
Master, is it I who’s blind and lame
Because I refuse to love?”

(If it's a bit choppy in rhythm, it's because it's actually a song.)

Mag 211

Copyright © 2014 SK Waller


  1. We would all do better to ask ourselves this more often!! Enjoyable piece.

  2. I could hear this...lovely, indeed...

  3. I think is a great piece with a message for all of us.

  4. This is lovely! I always like to remember that when I point a finger at someone else, three point back at me.

  5. First of all, that is an awesome poem. The use of self reflection is quite powerful. Second, just a bit of house keeping, meant most respectfully. A bit of trivia: Jesus was a Jew, right? So on that night, he celebrates the passover with his disciples as a proper Jew should. Afterwards, Judas leaves, as he thinks the night is over. Then Jesus instates the Lords Evening Meal as a new remembrance. That of the transition of Jewish law to Christian principles.
    Been on my mind lately. haha. sorry for the rant

  6. It does sound like a song. It's an important question to ask...


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