Giving it One More Shot

I've decided to accept the challenge. Not that any particular person has issued such a thing, I think I'd like to give this daily word quota another stab. I need structure in my life, a little self-discipline, and after reading an excellent blog entry Kelly Sedinger tweeted this morning, I decided to give it another shot...

Mind you, I'm not entirely convinced that one size fits all when it comes to anything connected to being an artist. Hard-and-fast rules meet my stubborn streak like a bug on a windshield; I much prefer rules of thumb that make allowances for the immensity and complexity of the human equation. Besides this, writing—for me, anyway—isn't math. It isn't numbers. It isn't about keeping score. It's about self-encounter. Gestalt, if you will. I've never been able to approach any of my artistic endeavors any other way and, as tidy and orderly as I am without, I am equally chaotic within. That chaos, that yin energy is where my work comes from; I cannot be left-brained about it. On the other hand, I can't imagine that a little self-discipline could be harmful in any way. If it is, I'll stop, having lost nothing, but having learned something important about myself.

My guidelines for will be:
  • Write every day (or night). The number of words doesn't matter, just write something and log it in my journal.
  • Write on one project only. Forget that those other wannabe books are there and focus on Book Three.
  • Don't edit until the writing session is over. If I'm too tired, then do it in the morning over coffee.
And that's it. Fini. That's all, folks. There ain't no more. I might let you know how it's going, but I might not. The latter will be the case if my experiment is a dismal failure.