Play It Again

During the time that I've been writing my trilogy, I've gotten into the practice of going to Gordon via meditation when I need inspiration, ambition, or to be unblocked. Believing that our characters are often no more than undeveloped facets of our own personalities, I feel that we writers have access to these when we need them...
For instance, when I need to calm the hell down and collect myself in a gnarly situation, I go to Gordon and focus on his deep, quiet inner strength. I imagine him walking the grounds of his estate, or meditating by the Krishna statue in his conservatory and I immediately feel calmer, better able to deal with what's going on around and within me.

The other night, before going to sleep, I began to meditate on him and he spoke to me.

"You really need to go to Katy. I'm no help a'tall in this situation."

So last night, needing a dose of energy and positivity about this project, I meditated on her. Nothing came. In fact, I fell asleep. But during a large part of the night I dreamed that I was playing her 1960 Sunburst Les Paul. It felt great! Its weight was somehow comforting and while I stood there, I felt no chronic pain and no chronic fatigue. It was an extension of myself that felt utterly natural as if I'd always had it. I could have been 25 again for how well I felt and I played that baby like nobody's business. And when I awoke this morning I had energy I haven't felt in a long time.

Guess who wants a Les Paul now... But that's probably not the point. The point is, I have a Les Paul in my mind that has magical qualities, and I intend to play it again and again.
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  1. A 1960 Sunburst Les Paul. Well, like they say, dream no small dreams. :-)

  2. If you can bottle that all your dreams will come true


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