Happy End of the World!

I figure if there is the remotest chance of a Big Kaboom happening today, all of the our departed rockers will be welcoming us to the Other Side with the greatest concert ever held. Imagine the line-up! But I doubt we'll see it just yet. Instead, check out my son Micah Atwell's latest recording. It's called 13th B'ak'tun and is just awesome!...

A b'ak'tun is 20 katun cycles of the ancient Maya Long Count Calendar. It contains 144,000 days, equal to 394.26 tropical years. The Classic period of Maya civilization occurred during the 8th and 9th baktuns of the current calendrical cycle. The current (14th) baktun started on — December 21, 2012 using the GMT correlation.

13th B'ak'tun is a FREE download of four amazing pieces that feature Micah on a shredding guitar. You won't be sorry you gave it a listen!

Actually, let's stop this end of the world negativity crap and start focusing our energies on making life here more pleasant for everybody. Welcome to the beginning of the New Era!

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