RIP Blogsville

Do you remember when you'd be out and about somewhere and something would happen, and you'd think, "I can't wait to blog about this!" It wasn't that long ago, really, but these days everyone seems to have a phone that connects to every server in the world, and most people just send these moments to Twitter or Facebook.

When blogging made its first real impact on how we travel the internet, it was thrilling. "People are reading again! People are actually writing!" But that was quickly replaced by the one-liner. "At the doctor's office", "Can't believe I'm stuck in traffic!", or "This burrito is awesome!" I'm not saying that's not fun, because it is. It's just that it feels like, after spending time writing long entries, we've returned to grunts and growls.

Of course, I remember when blogging became the thing, people complained that nobody emailed anymore....

Person 1: "What have you been up to?"
Person 2: "Don't you read my blog?"

Change is inevitable, but as comments have declined here, I'm really not sure if anyone is reading my entries anymore. I check my Sitemeter, but it seems that most of my visitors these days are strangers performing Google image searches, or spambots. That's one of the reasons I don't post an entry every night like I used to do. Why bother?

That's the saddest thing to me: that the blog community has splintered and there are a lot of people I miss. I still visit other people's blogs every morning, and I leave comments as much as I ever did, which isn't saying much, but I've always been one of those people who don't leave a comment unless I have something to say. Maybe you're the same way and you've just gotten bored with my blog.

Despite how many blogs have fallen by the wayside, Kelly of Byzantium's Shores is still going strong. Today is his 10th blogaversary, but he's not complaining like I am. He doesn't seem to need the comments like I do. Still, drop by and wish him 10 more years!