A Bit of Promo

Only two days until Lynette's book signing at the Stillwater Hastings. If you are able to come, you are also invited to the private reception immediately following at our house.

I have to pace myself these days with the preparations, cleaning, and food prep. Once upon a time I could have pulled one of these things together in a couple of days, but with back surgery looming and my condition only getting worse each day, it takes me a full week or longer, and even then I nearly kill myself. I'll be glad when this surgery thing is over, but I have no idea right now of when that will be; America's health system is so fucked up. I'm in the process of filing all of the convoluted applications and qualification forms. But I love holding parties. I love all the running around, staging the house, planning the menu, and all that, so I face into the wind and just do it, my happy Hydrocodone bottle in hand...

It's gotten pretty exciting around here. A couple of our friends have contributed things to the event, one being a large sheet cake with the book's cover on it. (Thanks, Bobbie!) If only Barefoot Winery would have donated a few bottles of their Barefoot Bubbly; we love that stuff! In fact we love Barefoot wines, hands down, and buy little else any more. I wrote to them (wearing my publisher hat, of course) and asked them if they'd like to have their Bubbly represent them at our event and if so, could they send us four or five bottles and some literature, but I never heard from them. Funny. Franzia surprised me with a buttload of their boxed merlot when they saw that Associated Press interview with me. (God, I hate that picture... I was so ill.)

It just occurred to me that I just gave Barefoot a bit of free publicity... Maybe, when I go to Brown's to buy the Bubbly, I'll insist on getting it at a reduced price. Nah, that would never work.

Above is a picture of Nettl with a poster that Michael, a college friend of hers, had made. It's on foam board and looks amazing! He's even promised to make one of my cover when it's my turn.

For more info about the book signing, click here.