A Night to Remember

I know I say this a bit, but that was the best party, ever! Friends (Bonnie and Glen) from California whom I hadn't seen in 33 years, new friends (from Facebook), and the usual crowd all made it a very special night. And we had an earthquake, too! I slept through that, however. A 4.7 is a mild tremor to a California native like me. Sorry that the camera flash destroyed the ambiance in these pix. I've added some more pix that Bonnie and Glen took...

Ville and I sing Fake Mammaries.
Micah, Bonnie, and yours truly.
Ah, ambiance!
When Led Zeppelin's Dazed and Confused came on,
everyone got into the act. This is Glen.
With Bonnie again after 33 years.
Micah being Micah.
With Glen.
Dr. Kielbasa and Ted's Great Adventure.
With Nettl.
We can't even begin to figure out this picture.
That's myself, Nettl, and Heather, but the looks on
everyone's faces tell different stories.