Eye-Level on the Mainstream Shelf

We got some great news tonight. The Special Edition of Lynette's So Faithful A Heart is now for sale at the Stillwater Hastings. But that's not the best part. The best part is that the woman who selects the books for the store read it and liked it so muchthe story, the composition, the cover, everythingshe didn't shelve it in the Local Authors or Self-Published section, but with the mainstream novels (famous authors, and legacy published books)...

Lynette also has a book signing scheduled there for February 11th. Big-huge thank yous to Debi Butler, who fronted Lynette the money for the copies that the bookstore required. You really made this happen, and you're an angel!

On my end of things, I finally finished the final edit of the second book of my trilogy and will probablyhopefullysend it to print over the weekend. It's been a long, hard trip, but it's finally finished. Almost. There's still formatting and all that, as well as the cover to build. And I'm still editing the Russian epic, so we'll see.

There is thunder outside and it's quite warm for this time of year. Much too warm for the glass of red wine that's been sitting here beside me for the past three hours.