B.E.Earl has asked us to make a list of things we'd do if there weren't any repercussions to worry about. His list is pretty cool, and it got me to thinking. Here's what I've come up with at 4:30 in the morning.

1.  Like Earl, I'd stay in the sun until I got a tan, or what any natural redhead can expect to get as a tan. No burning, no peeling or blistering, no skin cancer, no wrinkling.

2.  I'd drink white wine instead of soda. I love the flavor of wine, and if they made a non-alcohol wine that tasted like real wine, I'd drink it, but to have the real thing without having to think about alcoholism, cirrhosis of the liver, barfing, and getting hangovers, would be great.

3.  I'd over-indulge in dairy products. 'Nuff said.

4.  I'd get a dog. I'd also install a pet door and fence the yard.

5.  I'd live like I did when I was in my 30s.

6.  I'd have a rum and coke. I miss that.

7. I'd sit crosslegged on the floor all the time like I used to do.

I can't think of anything else. What would you do?

The photo is by Liza Crowley Jusdon.


  1. Oh wow... I just did this at Earls'. So I'm copying and pasting here as well. It got a bigger reaction from me than I thought...


    I'd wake up in the morning and have really strong coffee from Africa with too much cream, maybe three big cups and then either eggs or waffles - a different way every morning, and read the paper. Then I'd plant myself in front of my terminal and write until about noon, when I'd get a small sandwich with some Italian or Polish deli meat... or Jewish... and then head off to the racetrack or the OTB depending on what season it was. I'd get back in mid-afternoon and go back to the computer for a few hours. Then I'd either go out to eat or cook up a real nice and esoteric dinner. Afterwards a pipe or - in the summer - a cigar out on the deck. I'd read a bit, have a cocktail or two and maybe put in another hour or so on the book. I'd get to bed at a reasonable hour and get up to do the whole thing again. On the weekends I'd add some chores outside and marketing, but coffee and rhubarb pie would be in there somewhere. And in the middle of winter I'd head off to the BVI.

    The repercussions are that if this is what I did I would be out of money in nine months and all my non-IRA savings would be gone. Then I'd starve and get kicked out of my house. So... yeah.

  2. Our lists are pretty durned similar. I'd definitely get a dog or some dogs too...if only my cats would allow it. ;)

  3. I'd quit working, load up my backpack, and hike all over the place out west. I'd get skinny so I could eat all the cream puffs and chocolate eclairs I wanted to without feeling guilty or gaining weight.

  4. No repercussions? Ok.
    Id punch people if the face who piss me off, ram my car into jerk drivers and stop paying bills and taxes.

  5. 1) i would finally manage to get farther than you in Farmville...

  6. The only thing I can think of is that I would take methamphetamines like I did back in the early '70s. Not smoking meth, but the little "meth tabs" we used to have. It's the only time I ever had that kind of energy. If I wouldn't be at risk of jail and it didn't have negative health repercussions, I'd be taking those in a flash. And then my apartment would be clean!

  7. RW: You never said a thing about drinking as much absinthe as it takes to truly meet the Green Fairy.

    Earl: Yeah, our lists are very much alike. I wasn't copying!

    Kathy: Hell, just eat the chocolate!

    Joe: Having a bad morning?

    Slyde: You'll probably get there soon. I've decided to keep my farm a small vineyard and flower farm. No more than two of each animal--and I've gotten rid of cows, goats, etc.

    Deni: Yeah, that plus coke and the old original ecstasy are part and parcel of my "living like I did in my 30s". Some of that energy would be great right now, wouldn't it. Hell,I can't even handle more than two cups of coffee anymore!

  8. "I save that for the 3AM's where I can't sleep. Problem is the only repercussions for that right now are just some editing the next day, so it wasn't all that much of a hardship already," he smiled.


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