Is Your Guitar Your Sex Symbol?

One thing writing this trilogy is doing for me is that it's getting me back in touch with music I haven't listened to in many years, namely the Blues. And it's bringing up a few questions as well. I have a small assignment for you...

Here's a video by Bonnie Raitt.

What's the difference (if there is any) between a woman playing a guitar and a man playing it? Seems to me that on a man a guitar is a phallic symbol. Many male musicians play it and pose with it as if it is, anyway, and many, many guitar icons refer to their instrument as if it's a woman and gives it a woman's name. If that's true, then what is it on a female?

Here's a vid of Stevie Ray Vaughn playing the same song (he started out in Bonnie's band, by the way).

Compare the feeling you get watching him to what you feel watching Raitt. I'm not asking about how well you think they play, or what you think about their style, or even with how much feeling they play. I'm asking about the FEELINGS you get watching them.

I understand that there probably will be as many different answers as there will be people commenting; it's a subjective thing. But I'm curious.