The Ten Tenors...

Because three just weren't enough...

And speaking of TV commercials, why, oh why do we have to look at a 50" waisted, half-naked Tony Orlando?

I'm permanently scarred.


  1. I understand what you are saying. ;-)
    On the other hand, imagine, there are ten guys (or women, for that matter) who can sing, who manage to fill a concert hall, have people listening, and possibly discovering that there may be some pleasure in exploring classical music! If only ten out of these listeners go put and buy classical music CD, go to a concert, experience a new world, wouldn't that be wonderful?

  2. I know. :) I was commenting on the commercial more than the actual group. The problem for me, music-wise, is that being a composer, the sound of 10 voices of the same classification -- tenors, sopranos, etc. -- is imbalanced and one-dimensional. Give me SATB or give me death! LOL.

    Still, the idea of 10 tenors simultaneously vying for high C strikes me as funny. kind of like if there were 10 coloraturas on stage singing Der Hölle Rache.


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