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One of my clients has a Mac and uses the Safari browser. Because he sees his site a bit differently than how I see it in Firefox and I.E., I decided to download Safari for Windows so I can better help him realize the look he wants.
First off, I have to say that I really like Safari's interface and overall look and functionality. The only drawback I can see at this point is that this blog has some visual issues, namely, the header graphic drops down over most of the nav bar and is situated a little off-center. The other problem is that the sidebar content is offset a bit too far to the right. Another issue is that pop-up photos (on the sites I've created) don't appear. The thumbnails are there, but the pop-up window remains blank.

These aren't horrendous problems, but some that I'm going to look into since I've had four clients that use Safari.

If any of you have some advice, I'd be more than grateful to hear from you!

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  1. Essential... make sure to validate your html and css code, this is a must if you hope to support multiple browsers, especially beyond the major two (IE and FF). It won't guarantee that your pages work in every browser but it will give you the best shot. After your code passes validation, then you can proceed to implementing browser-specific workarounds.

    W3C HTML Validator
    W3C CSS Validator

    Next is learning how and when to let your pages degrade gracefully. Some things are just not possible in every browser, and some may never be supported by more than one. When workarounds get to kludgy or are not available, then you have to tell that one browser to just display the page with a little less pizazz while still being functionally correct. It can be an art but you know all about that ;)


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