After enjoying a dinner of Thanksgiving leftovers, we noticed that it had started to snow. The first snow! Then, turning around the channels we found that "White Christmas" was on, so we watched that while lying on the bed still keeping one eye on the snow outside.

It has been the perfect Thanksgiving. Nothing special, not formal and no big to-dos. Just cozy and homey and relaxed. Tomorrow evening we're decorating for the holidays, and with the promise of more snow, we can't wait to get to it!


  1. This has been the best Thanksgiving that I can remember in a long time! I've loved every second of it!

  2. Snow arriving on the day after Thanksgiving sounds like a beautiful rondo to a great holiday weekend. Enjoy the snow! :-)

  3. You got snow!? It was cold over here (sort of northeast of Tulsa) but no snow.

  4. We got a couple of inches, but it was gone by noon the next day.


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