The Devil's in the the Details

Remember back in the Seventies when the "Subliminal Seduction" books hit the bookstores and corrupted our minds with its Rorschach-like scrutiny? It was fun looking for penises airbrushed onto models' faces, wasn't it. It got to the point where I had to put the books down because I got the feeling I was being subliminally subjected to the author's sexual neurosis and sub-conscious matrixing (seeing faces where none exist, like the devil's face in the smoke plumes that rose from the World Trade Center). I felt dirty somehow. I mean, does the Playboy rabbit's ears really send out a secret castration message? And wouldn't that be a tad self-defeating? While I feel there is probably no small amount of hidden messages in the ads we see, I question the purpose and effectiveness of airbrushing a guillotine on an ice cube in an Absolut ad...

Take this, for example. Why would the British government need to insert the word "SEX" on one of Seychelles notes? Money doesn't need sex to entice people; people want money for its own sake. Someone, methinks, has an over-active imagination and too much time on their hands.

The one that I find kind of fun is the FedEx logo. No, there's no sex involved and it's not the kind of subliminal messaging that enthusiasts would find exciting, but it's still well thought out. And once you see it, it's impossible not to.


  1. gotta admit that first one caught my attention momentarily before I even read the post, LOL.

    Dude... you're gettin' a flat! (get it, "A flat"? ba dum ta! thank you, I'll be here all week.)


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