What's Your Lexicon?

I got this idea from my Bnet friend, KJ, who got it from someone else, etc. Share your own lexicon or that of another (like a celebrity or politician, perhaps). I’ll start...
Author/Composer/Hausmandel Lexicon:
Crack-of-Dawn: Time to go to bed before Nettl’s alarm goes off. Post-It Pad: Brain back-up storage area.
Coffeemaker: Plasma bank.
Ghost Writer: Me, after too many nights writing until dawn.
Writer's Block: Too much time spent blogging.

Opera Buffa: Family life at its best.
Opera Seria: Family life at its worst.
Diva (aka die Drei Dammen in The Magic Flute): Three females in the house, menstruating at the same time.
Counterpoint: Conversation with a teenager.
Harmony: An evening at the pub with my son after dinner.
Music History: All the music I don’t write due to managing a household of seven people.

Closed Master Bedroom Door: Child alert. Time for kids to come up with a thousand reasons to knock with the needs and problems that went unexpressed and unsolved, and were apparently unimportant all day.
Spa Tub Getaway: Wake-up alarm for elderly mother’s laxative.
Olympic Sports Event: Just how much can be stuffed into an already overflowing garbage barrel?
Dishwasher Full of Clean Dishes: Just how many dirty dishes can the sink hold?
New School Term: Beginning of my summer vacation.
Aphrodisiac: Kids at grandparents’ house, son at weekend-long air show, elderly mother has a new refill of pain medication.

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