I thought that once we got moved in and life got back to normal I’d quit being tired. No, not tired, dragged out. I haven’t had a lick of energy for a week now and all I want to do is watch telly and nap. Today has been the worst day. I have a headache, my blood pressure is up, and my heart is fluttering. It feels like I have a bird in my chest. I wonder if it’s my new prescription of Wellbutrin, or maybe just let-down, or maybe it could be old-fashioned middle-age. Ah well....

I have been keeping track of two things this week though: Hurricanes Bonnie and Charley, because George and Noelle just moved to Charleston. Some housewarming! And other friends live in the Raleigh-Durham area. I worry about people.

The Scott Peterson trial. He did it. He knows he did it. Damn! The dog knows he did it… Lying sociopath.

I do want to mention that last weekend Debra and Beau came down from Kansas City to look for a house to buy here. We had a really good weekend, even though it was really only Saturday night and Sunday morning. Send out all kinds of good, positive thoughts that their house will sell, and FAST. They’re both sweating bullets right now.