Black & White, 5 of 5

For my last installment of the Black & White photo challenge, I reached back to last year when I went out on highway 177 just north of here, where I'd previously passed an abandoned gas station and trailer park. I liked the windswept look of it, the tall grasses, and the rock facade of the building. It had a sort of post-apocalyptic feel about it that moved me. How many pickups pulled in to fill up before going on to the MerCruiser or Armstrong plant? How many kids walked over to the food and supplies store on hot summer afternoons to get a Coke or a Slurpee? How many mothers pushed their baby strollers over to pick up milk? If you click "Read More" below, you'll see my favorite photo from the series, one that I titled "Gash".

Finding this on the north side of the building was startling, like walking into a crime scene.

This challenge was fun! Anyone know of any others?

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  1. Ah now I see what you meant (in FB) about the second one needing to be in colour. Indeed it does. Amazing scene to happen up. Nicely captured.


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