Whichever Comes First

Lord, have mercy. You just never know how much whining, bitching, inane, pointless drivel you can come up with until you start going through 12 years of blog posts one-by-one. What's worse is that you don't just come up with it. Nooo... That's not enough. You have to go and lay it out on the Web for the world to read until the end of time, or until Blogger folds and is no more, whichever comes first...

It could be embarrassing to someone who gives a toss. I, however, have learned in recent years not to. So here I am, writing what will probably amount to about the same degree of drivel as I've ever been capable of writing.

As I go through my posts—deleting some and reverting others to draft—I'm also creating new labels in hopes of trimming my list down a bit. It's gotten a little out of hand. I've also turned the comments back on for those of you who aren't yet sick and tired of my drivel and would like to class me up a bit. The snafu with that is, my template (which I designed myself, basically) won't turn the comments back on, globally, after I turned them off earlier in the summer. I've had to go through and turn certain posts' comments on individually. This is a gigantic pain in the ass when one has 1800-plus posts, so I've decided, sod it. Nobody's commenting on the old stuff anyway. There have been a couple of other snafus, but nothing earth shattering.

I started this little project because I needed a few days' break from writing. Things got a little heavy at one point and I had to pull away. I'll be getting back to that over the weekend, though.

What? The weather? Really? Oh, okay. After a glorious spring and summer we had about one week of temps that ranged between 95 and 102, but we're now cruising down into autumn and it's like spring in reverse. I still couldn't spend much time outside, though, due to the mosquitoes. That was a drag. They're still out there waiting for me, for those two "walkies" that I take Nigel on every morning and evening.

Ah, drivel, I've missed you so.

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