Lumbergh & the Cat's Ass

Some time ago I set up the dining table as my writing desk. This was a good move because the dining room of this cottage has an old world feel that inspires me. It is, in fact, my favorite room in the house. Everything I need is here: books, the piano, photos of everyone who means anything to me, my guitars, a china hutch full of wine glasses...

The table itself  is heavy wood, solid with no leaves, and seats six. It reminds me of the antique partners desk I used to have in Ventura, before my ex sold it out of spite after I left her in 1999. For some reason, though, I couldn't settle down here and write for long hours. Something was amiss. I put all of my favorite things on the table, but it didn't seduce me. Last weekend I decided to place the chair facing the room rather than the bay windows. Bam! That did it...

Although I no longer have the morning sun shining in my face, there now is a glare that makes it impossible to see my computer screen from about 9:00 am to noon. Easy fix: sun-blocking liners behind the lace curtains. This also assures me privacy late at night when cars drive past. Not that anyone is looking in, but I don't like having my back to windows and doors. Even in restaurants I sit facing the door. I've no idea where that comes from.

So now I have this tall "boss" chair which has great, adjustable support for my lumbar area. Our family, being as word-happy as we are, immediately picked up on the "lumbar chair" thing and renamed it the "Lumbergh Chair". That my nickname since about 1986 has been "The Berg" was not lost on these people.

Another issue is the cat. Within seconds of my getting my desk set up, she planted her butt in the middle of it and gave me a look that said, "Thank you. This will make an excellent dais from which to reign..."

I wouldn't mind if she plopped herself off to one side, but it's right in the dead center.

Still, I have to admit I rather enjoy her company late at night; I used to have a cat who slept on top of my piano when I composed. There's something soothing bout having a cat as an office manager.