Making Time, and Room, for Me

It has been a hard seven months. Living with Nigel has definitely been a challenge, but things are working out. He's 9 months old and is growing up to be the sweetest dog I've ever known. He's learned a lot about what we expect of him and I've learned a lot about how to ensure he does, or does not do, what makes life happy for all of us.

He has learned to speak with his "inside voice" when he sees someone walk, bicycle, or skateboard by the house and I have learned that a soft, loving voice and a treat in hand will entice him to obey more than a scolding, demanding voice, spray bottle, or an angry face...

Because, for varying reasons, writing Book Three has become increasingly impossible, I have allowed myself to be talked into giving it a break for a couple of weeks. Of course, the real solution would be to lose myself in writing, but I'm not the kind who can write with things going on around me; I need absolute solitude. Alone time. Me time. But Bookends Cottage has no room for me to escape to and I'm pretty much confined to the bedroom. That would work fine, except that the bathroom that guests and visiting family members use is the master bath, so the door is always opening and closing, which creates unavoidable distractions. I can't write if I'm distracted, and having A.D.D certainly doesn't help. I have grown increasingly frustrated, grumpy and irritable, and was very close to becoming a Screaming Mimi, so I'm taking a little time off until things slow down around here. This will ensure a number of outcomes, not the least of which is not being put in a straight jacket and tied up in the back yard. Or being served divorce papers.

But what will I do with my time? I've combed Pinterest for ideas. I mean, making lanterns out of mason jars and making fairy gardens in old broken pots is better than basket weaving, right?

I don't know. I'd rather be writing, so I may just wait until everyone's asleep then slather myself with anti-mosquito cream, pour a large glass of wine, and go out on the front porch. I might even put anti-mosquito candles in all of these mason jar lanterns I've made.