Return to Normal, Whatever That is

Life around here is finally getting back to normal, it seems. It has taken seven and-a-half months of Life with Nigel but, outside of picking up plush toy stuffing, acting as referee between him and the cat, and taking him out on four potty trips each day, my days are balancing themselves out...
I have one more section of my film production package to complete—the synopsis—and this phase of the project will find itself in the proverbial can. Of course, I always save the most difficult part for last... But you need to visit my other blog to keep up with all that.

Lynette has been selected to play of Effie in Town & Gown Theatre's upcoming production of Radio Gals. This has changed our schedule around here considerably because she comes home from work at 5:30, then is at rehearsal from 6-10, Sunday through Thursday. Add this to her Sunday afternoon and Friday evening voice students, and she's one busy lady for the next eight weeks.

Meantime, I'll be getting Bookends Cottage ready for spring and summer when we do most of our entertaining. I'm painting the floor of the front porch a pale sea foam green as soon as the weather stabilizes and will be planting a hoard of gladiolus bulbs tomorrow. Since the city gave our old neighborhood all new sidewalks, I want to get the yard in better shape. Not easy, though, since the workers left a lot of sand out there to bolster the concrete. I envision lots of flowers, wind chimes, my mason jar hanging lanterns, and the Tibetan prayer flags that Dr. Kielbasa brought me when he returned from a short trip to Sedona last winter. I love this time of year because I can open the windows and doors and set up the front porch in anticipation of the long, warm evenings we'll spend out there from May through September.

Last month I decided to give Twitter one last chance and was surprised to find that I enjoyed it. I don't know why I just never "got" it before. If you'd like to follow me, please click the tab in the navbar. I'd love to follow you, too.

Not an earth-moving post today, I'm afraid, but I'm itching to get up and get busy. Have a great weekend!