All I See is Black

Every now and then I have a dream in which everything conforms to one idea. Back in the 1970s, for instance, I had a dream in which everything in it started with the letter C. Carrots, caps, China, etc. Last night I dreamed of black...
Lynette and I had just bought a house in the coast just south of Liverpool Harbor, in England. It was a lovely sunny cottage surrounded by other cottages, flowers, and cobbled footpaths. From our window we could see the harbor in the distance and other homes and cottages on the northern coast. Of course, Liverpool looks nothing like this; the view in my dream actually looked more like this Cornwall harbor, only much larger. "Like Ventura harbor," I thought.

The harbor was full of ships slowly entering and leaving, and suddenly we saw a huge, gorgeous black ship sail in. Its masts were full and it was coming in really fast. I wanted to see it more closely, so I started following the footpath that lead along the coast to the city. It was curvy and on either side sat pretty cottages.

Because I was new to the area and had never ventured out before, I got lost, but I knew that if I kept to the path, I'd end up in the city. Getting back would be easy, I thought, so I kept heading north to see the ship.

It was then I saw on the path before me a black lamb. It was very friendly and came up to me. As I stood petting it, I saw a black cave and, as I looked into it, I saw the eyes of a panther looking out. I knew that if I didn't take the lamb with me, the panther would get it, so I picked up the lamb and continued walking.

Somewhere along the line I put the lamb down, knowing it was safe. Then I realized that I'd somehow started walking south, and that I was lost. I kept to the path though, and soon found myself in the city. Knowing I'd taken a wrong turn, I began retracing my steps.

It was then that I woke up. I'm still interpreting it, but the major consensus is that 'black' represents potentials and possibilities.
  • Harbor = future security
  • Ship = suppressed desire for freedom
  • Lamb = vulnerability
  • Cave = concealment
  • Panther = enemies working to do harm
  • Lost = feeling worried and insecure about the path I am taking
This all makes a great deal of sense to me--even the sequence of events make sense--and seems to be about my new prospects with the film project.

Don't you just love the subconscious?
Update Nov. 8, 2013: I now believe this dream was warning me that this project was not meant to be, that it was doomed from the start and I was foolish to get sucked in.


  1. I think :

    > Harbor= safe place, security

    > Ship= financial freedom

    > Lamb= You, your dreams and past insecurities (Saving the lamb symbol of "Not this time!")

    >Cave= past trust issues (at another time, you would have walked right in without noticing the adversity waiting for you)

    >Panther= dream "eater" or other adversity

    >Lost= You were never lost , in the dream you always knew how to find your way home. Knowing you were getting lost, means you knew where you were all along.

    My opinion of course :-)

  2. I like that interpretation; it's very like my own. Thanks!

  3. Although!

    I hadn't thought of the "ship coming in" correlation! That makes more sense!

  4. Yeah. Your interpretation is much better. Wow!


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