Anke if You Love Royal Tunbridge Wells

Only a couple of days before I returned from California, I won this groovy tee from the Anke Blog. I say won, but actually, it was Mr. Anke's remarkable generosity that got it for me. He had a contest going for which the 500th person to Like his page in Facebook would win a tee of their choice from his blog store. The only condition was that the winner send him a photo of themselves wearing said tee.

After the 500th person had won, Mr. Anke felt a bit more generous than usual and he posted that the first person to reply to his status would also win a tee. Well, I came in second, but I pulled a pretty good pout I guess, because he told me to pick out one as well. I was over the moon! My argument was that, because my Beyond The Bridge trilogy is set in Tunbridge Wells, I really needed one and I promised to wear it at my first official book signing.)

When I returned from my trip, the tee was waiting for me and I had this picture taken, sunburn and all. (You can see other proud RTW T-shirt wearers on his T-Shirt Wall of Fame.) Mr. and Mrs. Anke occasionally give away free stuff in contests; last autumn she gave away a bottle of her homemade sloe gin. Unfortunately, hard as I tried, pouted and begged, I didn't win that coveted prize.

If you've never checked out either The Tunbridge Wells Project or Mrs. Anke's Ladybits, you really should do. They're both loaded with excellent writing, delightful humor, fascinating information, and brilliant photos. Mr. Anke is a fantastic photographer.

I admit I've grown quite fond of this darling couple and can't wait to meet them when next I go to England. You really should get to know them, too. Theirs are some of the best sites out there, and that's no exaggeration.