California Dreamin'

I admit that I'm totally digging my California Gold Coast Dreamin' blog these days. That's probably due to the fact that I'm currently planning a trip to the tri-counties area, where I spent the first 49 years of my life, in September.

I've been invited by the organizers of the Thousand Oaks BandTree Festival to cover the event, BandTree IV, and even help out with the promo, so I'm looking at this as a business trip as well as a brief, much-needed homecoming...

Recently, I began organizing my memories and research for a coffeetable book I'm planning, which will be titled, appropriately, California Gold Coast Dreaming. During this trip I'll be able to conduct interviews, gather information and take scads of photos so, yeah, it'll qualify as a tax write-off. My site is quickly becoming a motherlode of resources for that book, as well continuing its primary purpose of being a meeting place for hundreds of musicians from my old stomping grounds. Exciting!

It will be a lot of fun reconnecting with some of the local bands and musicians that I spent my teens dancing to, and being with old friends that I haven't seen in umpteen years, one of whom is my dear, dear "big brother", Ernie Joseph, who I'll be staying with for a couple of days, in Santa Barbara).

So if you care to keep up with the musical part of my life, check out my other blog!