The Amazing Never-Ending Project List

I thought, erroneously, perhaps, that as we work our way through a writer's to-do list, said list would, by nature, get smaller. Oh, foolish me! As I complete my writing projects I seem to find more showing up, especially those projects that relate to previous projects: rewrites, new or deleted scenes, &tc. This is all right, but I have new projects I'd like to get to. And, yes, I used projects three times in one paragraph...

First, I have received numerous requests to write my memoirs. Fortunately, I have been keeping journals and notes for 35 years so that book is something I've already considered for a long time. I've even built the outline and chapter distribution, and have already sketched six chapters. Still, that's kind of a back burner project.

Then there's Gordon Hammond's memoirs, Enharmonic Intervals. Not even a back burner, that one is sitting on the counter, covered and staying warm enough to heat through a little before serving.

There's also my California Gold Coast Dreamin' coffee table book, which I believe could make some significant money. A lot of research is going on with that project as I work on Book Three of my trilogy.

Finally, I have a handful of other fictions that I want to write, but they're resting in the deep freeze; I expect they'll have to stay there for at least five years.

I have only so many years left, however, so while my list continues to grow as I continue to tick items off of it, I can't help but feel a bit overwhelmed. Fortunately, I have a lot of time on my hands and a full supply of pens and project list pads.