I'm feeling rather minimalist lately. Seized with a craving for less clutter and more space, I began by bagging all of my cold weather clothing and taking it to the garage. I don't have much of a wardrobe, actually. I've never been a clothes horse; the odd new pair of jeans creep in when they're needed, but even at that I only ever have two pairs at any given time.

This need to simplify has taken other avenues to express itself, however. I've begun to write poetry again and this morning I spent over two hours "unfriending" 150+ people in Facebook. They weren't really friends though, just people who fell into one of two categories...

  1. Those who sent me a request, then posted nothing but marketing for their new CD, book, or gigs. I like helping people in the arts, but if you're going to send me a friend request and then canvas me with your campaign, at least take the time to actually "speak" to me once in a while. I'm sure they're good people, but I don't know them and, after all, I don't particularly like door-to-door selling.
  2. Those who think I'm entitled to their opinion and never address me unless it's to preach about religion, veganism, politics, philosophy, or whatever their spout du jour happens to be. If I need a personal guru / pastor / professor / advice consultant / analyst / mommy, etc., I'll phone you.
I have undoubtedly stepped on a few toes and have probably hurt someone's itty bitty feewings, but it's Facebook and they probably shouldn't take these things that seriously. I don't like hurting or angering people, but I figure most of these had me hidden anyway; they've never left comments (if they're of the first category), nor have they ever posted anything on my timeline (unless they're of the second).

If you were cut and you really do read my posts and like keeping up with my little life, send me another request. I'll be happy to re-add you.

I doubt this will happen though.


  1. I'm with you - I haven't unfriended but I have hidden and unsubscribed from SO many people lately, even a few I considered to be "near-friends". :) I don't even add anyone anymore unless I am really really interested in keeping in touch or someone who appears to be very interesting and/or amusing. :)

  2. Don't forget all the people that just want you to send them an animal from Farmville, or a jewel from something else. Game spammers I call them!

  3. I blocked them a long time ago; they don't bother me anymore.

  4. Huge sigh of relieve: I am still on your list! :-)

    I keep posting daily. That's what I set out to do and continue to share. Most days I simply can't afford to spend more time online. As simple as that.

  5. I understand busy. My cut was based on whether or not these people had EVER, at ANY time said just three words to me. If they hadn't I couldn't see any reason to keep them around.

    I use Facebook to keep up with friends and family. For a while I accepted requests from indy artists, thinking that we could befriend and help each other. When I recognized that all they were looking for was a billboard, I decided to stop. Now, I don't accept requests from anyone I don't know, or have never heard of before.


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