Almost California

This was our house two Christmas Eves ago. This year it looks more like California out there: sparkling blue sky, birds singing... At least we had weather (rain) the last two days while I was shopping...

Had a great time with Ville yesterday. I've never met anyone with such a talent for finding great buys at tag sales. It's deliriously ridiculous how little I spent on so many great gifts. That girl is a shopping genius. After we'd shopped and laughed ourselves into exhaustion, we went to New China for a late lunch/early dinner, then home. It was the best day.

Today I start my baking. I need to make a list of what I have to cook when, though, because that's about all I'll be doing between now and Boxing Day. Oh, and I still have stocking stuffers to get.

This is the happiest Christmas I've had since I was a child; I really believe that. I'm not bragging. I know how hard it is for far too many people these days. I know first hand, as a matter of fact, so I'm merely sharing my joy in hope that some of you will be encouraged by knowing that it can get better, and will! Last year was the absolute worse for us, but this year everything's different. I'm send you all of my warmest and most positive thoughts!

If I don't write another entry before Sunday, have a very Happy Holiday!